About us

Europehandling ApS is a service provider that is based in Copenhagen Airport. Europehandling ApS exists because a group of people saw a potential and need for an alternative service provider in Copenhagen Airport. This potential was made a reality when Europehandling ApS was established by a group of investors.


Europehandling ApS’ uses the LEAN principle and their core competency is internal flight cleaning when flights turn over in Copenhagen Airport, but Europehandling ApS is also flexible and delivers other services. Other services count temporary staff, VIP service, office cleaning, accompany minors, inspectors, escorts, baggage handling, delivery of fruits to companies and lounges, packing and distribution of newspapers and magazines to flights and lounges. Why Europehandling ApS is open 365 days a year.


Europehandling ApS is made up of an external board with all the investors incl. The Managing Director, external advisors, office personnel and flight workers.


Our employees are the key to success.


The employees are what makes Europehandling ApS strong. Europehandling ApS expects commitment and team effort from its employees. Europehandling ApS has faith in their employees and with dedication, training, education,

a positive attitude and loyalty to the company, the company will continue its growth and development to be the number 1 choice on the market.


Our mission

Europehandling ApS provides good service, high quality and reliability that drive innovation and improve performance.


Our values

Quality – Punctuality – Efficiency – Innovation


Our vision

Our vision is to be our client’s first choice because they want good service, high quality and reliability. We are here to deliver this through human understanding, a positive attitude, priority of health and safety, an expectation of a high standard, quality control, flexibility, punctuality and zero damages tolerance.






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